The Adverntures of Noah and Goggeye

Noah and Esther FeatherstoneThe idea:

Back in 2017 my son, Noah, started creating all of these lovely characters when he was playing.  He was just three at the time and it was very magical.  I started to keep a notebook of them as I was fascinated by his little imagination.  The first was called the ‘Caraceracker’ and the second was called ‘Goggeye’.  This time also coincided with my husband and I trying to get him to give up his much loved dummy.  We would find them all over the house, behind doors, under the sofa, in his nappy drawer – anywhere he thought we wouldn’t find them! He wasn’t going to give it up easily!

The reason:

I had a thought about immortalising these incredible characters Noah was creating and providing a coping technique to help him say bye to his favourite dummy – write a book!  Now not much rhymes with ‘Caraceracker’, so Goggeye was the chosen fella!  Noah drew him and I took it from there.

Bringing it to life:

For the story to work and help Noah give up his dummy, he had to be in it.  To find the right illustrator I sent a photo of him to a brilliant, local artist, Georgina Moir, and she captured his cheekiness and crazy hair to a T.  She brought the characters to life in a  truly special way and the relationship of working with her was a truly inspiring one.

What age range is the book for?

I have used lovely rhyming language as I think it’s much more fun to read.  I have also put in some more challenging words like ‘regal finery’ so the older children can enjoy asking what that means and explore that vocabulary.  Noah and I think anyone between 0 – 100 would enjoy it, but to help guide you it’s 0 – 7 years old.

Did it work?

Yes it did!  The story helped him give up his dummy.  Amazing! I hope it can help you too.
Thank you for reading down to this point!  Noah and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. x

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Book is £7.99.  P & P – £2.00. Click HERE for our shop. 

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About the illustrator:

Georgina MoirGeorgina Moir is an illustrator and watercolour artist who lives in Lindfield with her husband and two boys.
She can usually be found painting with her beloved cat by her side!
Please visit: to view her current work.